Gangsta - WAKA

Gangsta - WAKA

Gangsta - WAKA

Gangsta - WAKA 

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 Longueur: 8,95ft

Weight: 51lbs

Poids idéal: 155lbs-264lbs

Volume: 95 gal.

Texte écrit par "Evan Tyler Garcia"

The Gangsta, Waka Kayaks forth production whitewater kayak, is setting a new standard in not only racing, but all aspects of whitewater. Measuring in at "273cm/8.95ft" 360ltr and 23kgs. The Gangsta is longer than its predecessor “The Tuna" giving it tons more speed in all types of water. But with length comes lack of manoeuvrability right…? Wrong! The Gangsta is effortless to steer and correct while charging fast downstream, in and out of eddies, and off drops. The bow rocker is unstoppable and allows us to easily stay on top of every feature and stay head dry all the way down the river. The extra length, volume, and space is also finally giving larger paddlers the opportunity to join the Waka revolution and understand why so many boaters are switching over to these Kiwi designs.

While it is a big boat suiting paddlers over 100kg, I will transition into using The Gangsta everyday and I only weigh 160lbs/73kg. I feel like this boat is a perfect blend of our past designs: the bow happiness and stability everyone loved in The Tuna 1 + Extra speed and line precision of The Tuna 2. For me, it was incredibly easy to just sit in this boat comfortably, feel confident, and ready to paddle difficult whitewater. It’s a no brainer, and in the end I want a kayak that’s fun, fast, responsive, and allow me to progress my paddling forward. The Gangsta is a total machine I have complete faith that this design will allow all types of paddlers to push their speed, style, and the difficulty of the whitewater they paddle.

While most other companies are trying to catch up and make their Tuna, Waka just stepped up and set the bar higher !

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